Helping People Understand Themselves and Others

The People Dynamics Certification supports coaches, counselors and advisors with learning and tools that help people better understand themselves and their interactions with others. 

It is through this new understanding that we are equipped to build new depths and dimensions into our relationships, opening ourselves up to exploring all of the amazing possibilities that exist with those around us. 

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Zaidha Testimonial FinalJeanne's training was one of the most useful, fascinating and informative hours I have genuinely ever spent.  Her knowledge is staggering and she provides the information in such an easy to understand way.  It made me look at relationships in a whole new light and with a greater level of understanding.  Amazing!  I cannot recommend this highly enough!  

- Zaidha, UK

Have you ever wondered if you're approaching your coaching, counseling or advisor business in a way that will be sure to make a difference?  Have you thought things like...


I wonder if my clients are getting a tangible benefit and the value they expect?

How can I find a niche that will grow for years to come?

It's so hard to break into an industry... how can I possibly compete?


These exact questions are what stopped me in my tracks from moving forward!  Deep down inside I was scared and insecure and wondered how can I help people when there are so many others out there who are more experienced and qualified than me?


Then everything changed when I learned (and experienced!) temperament and all the improvement tools that surround it.  It was an ah-hah moment, not with a lightbulb, more like a lightening bolt!   

Why is this different and how can it help me and my business?


You see, temperament has been around for 2000 years, so I can't imagine it's going away any time soon 🙂  


Understanding the core dynamics that form our temperament allows us to help people better understand themselves and the important people in their lives.  The amazing thing about it is that it's so simple to understand and you can observe temperament in action every single day! 


How this translates for your clients becomes very important!!   When things are easy to understand and make sense, people are much more motivated (and remember) to make changes and move forward in achieving their goals.   This equates to you being able to make a difference in their lives!


When you become certified, you will have the training and credentials to apply this everyday in your work.  You literally can use the knowledge and tools in every client interaction.  In addition, you will have access to the People Dynamics Toolbox © which is a decade long collection of proven and amazing personal improvement tools including temperament and much more! 

The People Dynamics© Certification course is being offered to you in January 2017 to ensure your year is off to an amazing start!  Join us to get on the invite list and be the first to receive updated course information, dates and details!


Cost of this course is $2495.  This is a one time only  price for the first session of 2017!  Here's what's included in addition to the People Dynamics Certification Course for you! 


  • 2 Year Certification
  • Unlimited Access to the Resource Portal
  • Marketing by Temperament Mini-Course
  • Mastermind Secret Facebook Group
  • 3 Month Membership with Jeanne Patti as your very own personal Business, Temperament and People Improvement Coach 

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